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About Us

Welcome to Megapixels Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., the prominent company to provide a huge platform to the vibrant newcomers. We caste and take auditions of candidates whether they are unpolished or talented. We are into Short Films (It is all about a motion picture which can’t be considered as a movie), Documentary (Documentary could be a film, radio program or movie which can be related to the particular subject), Music (It presents the expression of emotion with the help of vocal and instrumental sounds), Dance (Movement of the body according to the rhythm), Modeling (Presentation of clothes/ jewellery etc), Movies (Telling a story in the form of movie on T.V. or in Cinema) & Video Albums ( Collection of videos), etc.

Once you get proficient at your talent, you will be cast into the related field. For this, you need to follow our simple processes which are given below:

  • Auditions will be completed within 2 rounds
  • First and Second rounds are related to your uploaded videos
  • hird round is a face to face round which will be placed into Mumbai or Lucknow.
  • Mega Talent Auditions for all age groups

The team will be led by well-known Mr. Raju Hhirwani the film Producer and Mr. Ashish Donald the Music Director. They have been dedicated to this entertainment field for 20-25 years. Many popular faces of the entertainment field are aware of their talent all over the world as they have worked with them. Recently, they also have worked together in Mahfile-e-umrao. Our casting team is superb and amazing which can help you to achieve your dreams. Many people have a dream to start their career in Hollywood or Bollywood. Now the chance to see your dreams to come true is in front of you in the form of this wonderful audition.