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Q. What Megapixel Entertainment is about?
A. Megapixels Entertainment is an organization for ONLINE - TALENT - AUDITION in the Entertainment Industry. The main agenda to running this company is TALENT - HUNT from all over the world. This audition is about all kind of talent like Acting, Singing, Dancing, Modelling and so on. Many opportunity are wainting for the candidate if he/she got selected.

Q. Why registration is needed?
A. All interested candidates are requested to register themselves on this entertainment portal otherwise they can’t participate in it. Terms and Conditions are applied where it is essential.

Q. Will my personal details be confidential?
A. Yes, your all personal information is confidential with us. Only our Megapixel Entertainment internal team has access to use your informtaion for this show. Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy are applied.

Q. What kind of documents are needed to submit?
A. You will be inforamed through the call, text or email for documents submission. According to your TALENT and OPPORTUNITY, you will be asked to submit your personal required documents.

Q. How to register for the competition if a candidate is living in ABROAD?
A. DON’T NEED TO WORRY! You can do ONLINE REGISTERATION and then you can update your talent related VIDEO AUDITION.

Q. What do you mean by ONLINE AUDITION?
A. If can participate into this audition by uploading your talent video. The VIDEO should be short for the particition. Your VIDEO can be a TICKET to AUDITION which will be short-listed by our Megapixels Entertainemtn TEAM. You will be notified for your selection through the call, text or email.

Q. What do you mean by FACE2FACE audition?
A. FACE2FACE audtition is about the performance that the candition will do infront of judges. The location for this round could be LUCKNOW or MUMBAI.

Q. How can I contact to Megapixels Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. team?
A. You can email us at or