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Terms & Condition


1. You must not republish material of Megapixels Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
2. Don’t reproduce copy or duplicate material from this site.
3. Never try to rent, sell or sub-license this website material.


1) Your registration for this Contest will be accepted if you agree to these Terms otherwise you can’t be a part of this show.
2) The candidates have to upload respective categories of their talent videos/ audio files/images.
3) Uploading any of the talent related videos must be followed by the following rules: i) Size of the file ii) Quality of video/audio/ images iii) Files or content cannot be modified, altered or changed once it has uploaded. iv) The candidate has to pay a certain amount to upload any kind of media file through the online process. 4) People can participate in this Contest from all over the world.
5) Subsidiaries/ group companies and their family members are not allowed to participate in this Contest.
6) Minor Entries should be registered by any adult (Preferably parents or blood relative)
7) Performers can participate as individuals or groups comprising of multiple participants.
8) Uploaded performers’ videos will be shortlisted through the management committee.
9) All selected contestants will be informed through call, email or text messages.
10) The candidate will be provided an Air Ticket or Train Reservation (minimum AC Sleeper Class) whichever is convenient for the final round.
11) Upload appropriate address-proof and identification documents to complete the KYC (Know your Customer) process.
12) The date of the final round of the contest will be informed to the selected candidates by call, text or email.
13) Merely final candidate will be notified for a place of last round which can be either Mumbai or Lucknow in a film shooting studio venue.
14) The accommodation, transport, food, and costume will be provided to the candidate in the duration of the final competition.
15) The candidate will be for celebrity- interaction and peer-interaction.
16) The contestants are instructed to maintain the confidentiality of event-related information before the final telecast.
17) Contestants of any category or age group have to be physically fit for the participation in this contest.
18) Parents or any blood relative of Minors are accompanied from the audition to the final round.
19) The Management team will not be responsible for any health issue because of pre-existing illness.
20) All finalists have to sign an engagement agreement with the Management Committee for the contestant career prospect.
21) A contestant has to be available for a minimum 1 week for event promotional activities which will be mentioned in the agreement.

The above Terms and Conditions are according to the applicable Indian law. Contact Us on ""in case of any inquiries or information.